EVERYONE WINS!  You get $17 towards your incentives for each friend you refer, plus your friend gets 17% off their registration fee.  To refer a friend, give them your unique link from your Cupid's fundraising dashboard.  We encourage you to share that link wherever you can - social media, your email signature, or write it on a bathroom wall (jk).

What the heck is this unique link we're talking about?  Each person registered for Cupid's will have a unique referral URL that can be found on their my.cupids.org dashboard.  To get a successful referral that counts towards your incentives total, the person registering must click on that link when starting the registration process.  That is also how they get their 17% off discount.  You will receive an email after each successful referral, and you will be able to track the number of referrals you have earned at my.cupids.org.  Boom!